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Sipna College of Engineering & Technology

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Electronics Engineering


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Swapnil has 15+ years of experience in Young Digital Marketing Industry. He is the Founder, Director of Magicworks IT Solutions Private Limited, a Digital Marketing and web services company that helps clients in positioning, branding and lead generation by means of various digital marketing activities. Swapnil along with his team has also indulged in an entire transformation of marketing from traditional ways to digital ones where company leaders got remarkable increment in their brand reach and revenue.

He has worked on consulting projects with The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology for “Research of the DiGital marketing and sustainable living”.

Being a first-generation entrepreneur himself, he is well acquainted with the challenges faced by startups. Despite knowing the pros and cons of being associated with startups in their initial phase, he is always ready to support them. With regard to his proactive interest in the industry, he also writes a series of blogs with the name “Stay Tuned, Be hungry, Digest More!” This series provides knowledge and awareness about the upcoming, impactful changes in the digital industry.


Magicworks has been awarded Google Partner award in Q 3 2016 for Google AdWords Game on Race.

Recently Swapnil has been Awarded Cyber Security Suraksha 2017 Award for his contribution towards e-commerce industry and corporate web security domain.


Swapnil is an absolute dreamer! But a dream never becomes reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Swapnil was born in a small town called Darwha. He secured admission in Amravati’s Sipna’s College of Engineering & Technologies for Electronics & Telecommunications but he soon realized that he did not fancy circuits and discovered his keen interest in cartoons. So, true to his name, he chose to follow his dreams and took a gutsy decision of quitting engineering to learn 3D Graphics & Animations.

The real challenge came when he realized that he needed a website to showcase his talents and reach out to the world! Swapnil had no idea about how to develop one and could not afford the charges quoted by website developers. All he had was a computer, his talents and a burning desire to do something worthwhile. That’s when he decided to learn website development and launched his first website:

For a short while he gloated about the fact that he had achieved what he set out to do, but soon realized that this was not enough! That is because this website needed a lot of marketing since nobody knew about this website! That is when he first heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He could still not afford the charges of SEO experts, so he mastered SEO himself and later SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization) too!

“Self learnt lessons are the best learnt lessons” and are the websites running successfully under his guidance.

Needless to say, he can help you design and develop websites and market them effectively too!

Swapnil says, “Earning the first rupee is the hardest, it involves less effort in multiplying it. And that is why I consider 3DMagicMantra as my biggest accomplishment, as it was the first Rupee in my story. I will forever be grateful to my family for supporting me wholeheartedly after seeing my hard work and passion for animation. I justify myself to my father saying that even Bill Gates never completed a college degree, but I know in my heart that I will get that coveted degree and gift it to him some fine day!”